Tamara's Corner - Spring Birdhouse Giftbox

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A birdhouse for the big kids! I took this adorable Classic Spring Birdhouse and put a more 'grown up' twist on it! Packed with little details we all love. This would be a great giftbox for Mother's Day, or even for a friend filled with some fresh baked cookies or seeds for their garden.

SVG Collections Used

Spring Birdhouses SVG Kit
My Happy Garden Hideaway SVG Collection
Strawberry Lane SVG Collection
A2 Lace Edged Cards SVG Collection
Breezy Meadow Butterflies SVG Collection
3D Flowers SVG Kit
Celeste's Cutesy Corner Elements SVG Collection


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used.  Size to the dimensions shown below with “Keep Proportions” checked in the Shape Properties window.

Spring Birdhouses SVG Kit (Classic Birdhouse)
box.svg 11.40" w gingham yellow
roof.svg 10.20" w red
house_front_bottom.svg 2.8" w rose print
house_front_top.svg 2.8" w rose print
trim.svg 3.70" w light blue print
My Happy Garden Hideaway SVG Collection
picket_fence_short.svg 2.50" w light blue print
Strawberry Lane SVG Collection
label3_top.svg 3.00" h red polka dot
bluebird.svg 2.00" w tan print
frame_scalloped_top.svg 2.10" w floral print
A2 Lace Edged Cards SVG Collection
queen_anne_card_alt.svg 2.00" w tan print
Breezy Meadow Butterflies SVG Collection
6_bot.svg 1.50" w black polka dot
8_bot.svg 1.50" w blight blue print
3D Flowers SVG Kit (Camellia)
petals.svg 5.00" w red print
3D Flowers SVG Kit (Begonia)
petals.svg 5.50" w lime green print
Celeste's Cutesy Corner Elements SVG Collection
vines1.svg (cut 2) 3.00" w green and gold yellow
flourish2.svg 2.25" w black polka dot
branch_top.svg 3.00" w yellow
branch_bottom.svg 3.00" w red polka dot


  1. Cut out and assemble the birdhouse and roof.
  2. For the roof to be made as shown, you will need to cut about 175 circles in SCAL sized at .45w. You can make them a bit larger if you wanted. I knew I wanted them pretty small. It's work, but so worth it! Layer them in rows of 7-8 circles per row. Kinda bend them before gluing to help them curve a bit. (Tip: A hot glue gun makes this go by MUCH faster! Or maybe try rows of double sided tape! Also, you will need to trim some to fit right and not hang off the edges. I trimmed them all over the roof was done.)
  3. Cut all your elements/decoration and assemble them. Adhere them to the giftbox. I hot glued the flowers and butterflies on so they would stay put and help the process go a little faster.

Design Tips

  • Wrinkles are cool.. on paper at least! I wrinkled up the tags, flowers, leaves, and bird. This adds more texture and creates a 'worn' look. Works great with this paper!
  • Distressing - Use a nail file or sand paper and rub it on the edges! I also rubbed the middle of the tags that I stamped.
  • Ink - Of course, gotta have some ink on here somewhere. I chose to use colors that matched my papers. Ex; my green flower was distressed and then inked with a pale blue. Pretty, right?
  • Pop Dots or anything to add some depth to it!


Tamara Tripodi - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

I hope you have enjoyed this project and it gives you some inspiration! Just because the Spring Birdhouses were a more 'cutesy' set, doesn't mean you have to make it that way! Svg Cuts has TONS of files that would look great with this project! I had so much fun fun putting my own twist on it!


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