Thienly's Corner - Superstar Kid Card

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Who's been waiting for the Superhero SVG??? I was! And I'm sure that many of you were as well - and it's finally here! This Super Bear is perfect for that superstar in your family! I decided to make a card to show you how cute he is!!!

SVG Collections Used

Jonathan's Bears SVG Collection


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to the dimensions shown below with “Keep Proportions” checked in the Shape Properties window.

Jonathan's Bears SVG Collection (Super Bear)
body.svg 3.63" wide brown
cape.svg 5.05" wide foil red
circle.svg 1.02" wide foil blue
leotard.svg 1.69" wide glitter silver
mask.svg 1.42" wide foil blue
nose.svg 0.32" wide dark brown
star.svg 0.82" wide glitter gold
Card Base (weld the following files)
body.svg 3.63" wide (shadow round 1.0) foil silver
cape.svg 5.05" wide (shadow round 1.0) foil siver


  1. In SCAL2, take the cape.svg and place it over body.svg in the correct position. Convert both svg files to shadow (round) 1.0. Weld both files. Cut.
  2. Select both files, group together and copy. Take the copied file, flip and rotate 180 degrees. Small portion of the head should overlap, so it cuts as a single piece. Preview and make sure before cutting. Score along the middle to form a card.
  3. Cut rest of the files and adhere onto the first body piece cut in step 1.
  4. Embellish as needed.

SCAL Instructions

Design Tips

Thienly - Former SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • The "superstar kid" stamp is from Autumn Leaves, and embossed the stamped image with red glitter powder from American Crafts. This was adhered onto the wire to the bear.
  • Googly eyes were adhered for the eyes (can be purchased at any craft stores).
  • Use creativity when choosing paper - I used glitter and foil paper to achieve the superhero look.

This, along with the rest of the super adorable bears in this collection, are just perfect for cards, embellishing gift boxes and bags and tags, or in your scrapbook pages. You can even use these to fit your party theme and put the bears on the party hat.svg (free SVG download), on the pennants, or even to decorate a birthday cake. The fun has just begun!

- Thienly

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