Tamara's Corner - Astronaut Bear Card

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Your birthday boy will be over the moon when he receives this 'sweet treat' astronaut bear card! A simple card using only one SVG collection packed with a whole 'lotta cuteness!

SVG Collections Used

Jonathan's Bears SVG Collection


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used.  Size to the dimensions shown below with “Keep Proportions” checked in the Shape Properties window.

Jonathan's Bears SVG Collection (Astronaut Bear)
rocket_middle.svg 6.00h light grey
rocket_top.svg 6.00h light blue
head.svg 4.00h tan
nose.svg 4.00h tan
space_suit1.svg 4.00h light blue / light grey
space_suit2.svg 4.00h light grey
rocket_bottom.svg 6.00h metallic grey


  1. Cut your rocket bottom. For the middle you will do a blackout (hides window holes). The top you will break part the layers and size the two circles at 1.730w and 2.200w. Layer the smaller circle over the larger circle. When your cutting machine cuts it the circles will create the 'ring' for the window/sweet treat cup. The stamped window shape will be cut at 8.00h.
  2. Stick your sweet treat cup onto the rocket. Center it the best you can. Glue the ring over the sweet treat cup. This will come off with the cup once the child rips it off. Don't worry, you can get the sweet treat cups off without ripping the paper to shreds!
  3. Glue your astronaut bear together. I used 3d foam tape to make the helmet pop up a bit.
  4. Set your rocket and bear aside. Time to create the card shape! I have included a picture to show my welding to help you figure it out. Very simple. Overlap the files a bit and check off 'weld' for all the shapes. I opened my rocket bottom files, then the suit 1 and 2 files. Break them apart and keep the body and the helmet (you will need to keep the back piece if you want it.. I forgot about it and didn't realize it until AFTER my card was complete) Just layer the pieces of the bears suit as if you were gluing it together.
  5. Once everything is welded and in place (make sure you preview it!) then you will want to add a rounded shadow. This is your card base. Cut two.
  6. Score and fold the tip of the rocket on both card pieces. Glue them together at the rocket tip.
  7. Glue on the rocket and astronaut bear.. then you're done!

SCAL Instructions

Note: Skip to 6:30, the first section discusses the Superstar Kid card which can be found here: http://www.svgcutsblog.com/blog/?p=8759

Design Tips

Tamara Tripodi - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Emboss! The rocket being embossed like that really brought it to life! Inking/chalking edges really helps things pop! The Sweet Treat Cups can be ordered through Stampin' Up. I love them and am having so much fun creating with them!
  • The stamps are from Pink By Design, Take the Cake set.
  • I really hope you enjoyed this little card and it inspires you to create! Happy crafting!


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