Amy's Corner - Gnome Sweet Gnome Collage

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I thought the gnome from Cuddly Storybook Friends SVG Collection would be perfect as my house-warming gift. I'll walk you through the process of making this collage and I'll show you pictures of the first few steps to get you started. The one important point about collages is you have to layer and add dimension. I use 3M Mounting tape along with foam core to add dimension. Almost every element in the collage has foam tape behind it (I use a lot of it)! So follow along and give it a try!

SVG Collections Used

Memory Garden Designer Page SVG Kit
Cuddly Storybook Friends SVG Collection
Notecard Captions SVG Collection
My Happy Garden Hideaway SVG Collection
Moonlight Garden Party SVG Collection


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to the dimensions shown below.

Memory Garden Designer Page SVG Kit
scalloped_bottom.svg 8.235" w X 7.479" h patterned paper& chipboard (cut 3X)
scalloped_middle.svg 8.136" w x 7.503" h red & chipboard (cut 3X)
Cuddly Storybook Friends SVG Collection (Gnome)
white.svg 2.493" w x 5.703" h white
skin.svg 2.406" w x 5.700" h flesh color
red.svg 2.110" w x 5.700" h red
lips.svg 0.594" w x 5.705" h tan
gold.svg 0.675" w x 5.700" h tan
blue.svg 2.305" w x 5.704" h light green
black.svg 1.828" w x 5.700" h black
Notecard Captions SVG Collection
Welcome.svg 6.246" w x 0.977" h red
Copy & Paste Welcome.svg Shadow Rounded .5 - 6.512" w x 1.267" h tan
My Happy Garden Hideaway SVG Collection
grass.svg 6.603" w x 1.517" h green
Moonlight Garden Party SVG Collection
lantern1_top.svg 1.285" w x 3.218" h black
lantern1_bottom.svg 1.266" w x 2.007" h tan
fleurs_bottom.svg 3.059" w x 1.903" h yellow
fleurs_middle.svg 3.104" w x 3.699" h green
poppy_bottom.svg CUT 3 0.956" w x 0.903" h purple
poppy_middle.svg CUT 3 0.955" w x 0.606" h black
poppy_top.svg CUT 3 0.955" w x 0.467" h red
Basic Shapes
Square 8" w x 8" h tan
Rectangle CUT 3 1.5" w x .5" h yellow
Rectangle CUT 3 1.706" w x .712" h tan

Instructions for the Collage

  1. Purchase 8x8 shadowbox frame from Joann's. Other craft stores also carry them.
  2. Disassemble and cover the bottom with your 8x8 square.
  3. Cut the background scallop (scalloped_bottom.svg) out of patterned paper and chipboard. Add a piece of foam-core to the back. (as you can see I used a calendar from last year for my chipboard - found it in the garbage at work!)
  4. Adhere to the 8x8 square.
  5. Cut the scalloped_middle.svg file and adhere the paper to the chipboard, ink edges apply foam tape and adhere to the background scallop.
  6. Cut & ink the grass and apply with foam tape. (Hopefully you are getting the hang of this collage process. I did not include photos for these next few steps. You just need to layer using foam tape.)
  7. Cut all gnome elements and assemble - ink where appropriate. I did some embossing on his outfit & hat. Adhere to collage.
  8. Cut the Welcome title, ink and adhere.
  9. Cut the lantern & flowers, ink and adhere.
  10. Cut the rectangles and stamp, write or run through printer for GNOME SWEET GNOME.

Design Tips

Amy - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Use dimensional tape & foam core to add dimension. I use the 3m mounting tape. I like it because you can cut it to any shape.
  • Don't forget inking & embossing.
  • If cutting chip board I cut 3X and for AC Cardstock I cut 2X.
  • Don't forget to add some embellishments to your collage.

Collages make great gifts for a baby's room, bride & groom or a new home! You can make a collage for any occasion.

- Amy

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