Thienly's Corner - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Card

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I love receiving handmade cards and I love making them just as much.  I wanted to create a warm and cozy feeling, and the lovely house on the Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree SVG Collection got me started. Details and textures easily fell into place and I'm excited to share what I created!

SVG Collections Used:

1. Rockin'Around the Christmas Tree SVG Collection
2. Winter Bliss SVG Collection
3. Christmas Gift Bags SVG Kit
4. Christmas Cookie Party SVG Collection
5. Premium Pop-Up Cards SVG Kit
6. Santa's North Pole Workshop SVG Collection


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used.  Size to the dimensions shown below with “Keep Proportions” checked in the Shape Properties window, unless otherwise noted on the dimensions chart.

Card Base/Front of the Card

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree SVG Collection 6.0" wide by 1.04" high red
house.greenery.svg 6.0" wide by 2.55" high green
house_dark_green.svg 6.0" wide by 4.1" high (break apart and cut only the roof) dark brown
house_trim.svg 6.0" wide by 4.9" high (break apart and adjust the roof window at 0.7" wide and 1.5" high) tan (cut one more main window trim in white)
house_bottom.svg 6.0" wide by 4.9" high (weld 2 together to form a card and cut with the window opening) patterned paper
house_bottom.svg 6.0" wide by 4.9" high (weld 2 together, with a window opening, and add pop-up feature in the lower middle) camel brown (inside of the card)
house_bottom.svg 6.0" wide by 4.9" high (cut with the window opening) caramel brown (front of the card)
Premium Pop-up Cards SVG Kit
circle_A2_pop_up.svg 6.6" wide (break apart and delete the frame, leaving only the pop-up feature) camel brown
Winter Bliss SVG Collection
icicles_medium.svg 5.4" wide by 0.85" wide white
icicles_long.svg 2.0" wide by 0.80" wide white

Inside of the Card

Christmas Gift Bags SVG Kit
fireplace_oranges.svg 6.84" wide orange
fireplace_yellows.svg 6.84" wide yellow
fireplace_stocking.svg 6.81" wide (cut 3) various patterned paper with white/cream top
fireplace_fireplace.svg 6.81" wide fireplace - brown, mantle-white
fireplace_dark_browns.svg 6.81" wide back of the fireplace - dark brown, logs - cream
Winter Bliss SVG Collection
tree.svg 2.0" wide by 4.0" high
Santa's North Pole Workshop SVG Collection
gift1_top.svg 1.0" wide (cut 2) white
gift1_bottom.svg 1.0" wide (cut 2) red, red patterned paper
gift2_top.svg 0.9" wide (cut 2) tan
gift2_bottom.svg 0.9" wide (cut 2) green patterened paper, striped patterened paper
Christmas Cookie Party SVG Collection
paper_dolls.svg 5.0" wide white
Free SVG File - Cozy Candle - 12.01.10
candle.svg 1.0" wide fushia pink and mauve
flame.svg 1.0" wide yellow
holly.svg 1.0" wide green
plate.svg 1.0" wide copper

Instructions for Making the Card Base:

1.  On the house_bottom.svg, place the main window from the house_trim.svg where you would like to place it.  Break apart the window trim and delete the outside frame.  You should have a house with 6 window openings. Cut this.
2.  Take another house_bottom.svg, place it on the left-hand side and weld it to form card.  This should now be a house card with 6 window openings at the front.  Cut this.
3.  Take the pop-up feature from the Pop-up Card Kit and place it on the lower middle of the welded house card.  This should be placed close to the bottom, but allowing enough space to provide durability to the card.  Cut this.
4.  Cut a transparency or any clear sheet of plastic and cut it enough to cover the windows.  Adhere on the back of the house cut in step 1.
5.  Cut two strips of ribbon and attach them on to the back two sides of the house cut in step 3 (this is to tie the card together).
6.  Adhere all the card layers together.
7.  Cut the tree, score it down the middle and adhere to the pop-up portion of the card.

Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Adding in extra details and textures (in moderate amount! - be careful not to get too busy!) adds warmth to the card.
  • I used various Cuttlebug and Sizzix folders to add texture - Tiny Bubbles (Cuttlebug) for the wreath, Swiss Dots (Cuttlebug) for the stocking top, Checkers (Cuttlebug Ohmycrafts exclusive) for the house, Diagonal Bricks (Cuttlebug Ohmycrafts exclusive) for the roof, Bricked (Tim Holtz Sizzix) for the fireplace, and Woodgrain (Tim Holtz Sizzix) for the stairs and logs.
  • Adding fabric and sewing notions also adds warmth - added ribbon to tie the card, button on the bow of the wreath, and used fabric for the curtain (5" wide by 3" high).  To make the curtain, cut a slit down the middle leaving the top intact.  On a double-sided tape, I gathered the fabric bit at a time and adhered it.  I then ran this portion through a sewing machine to hold together.
  • I used pearls, ribbons, silver dots to add small details.
  • The two panels on the door was actually the cut out left over from the roof window.
  • I used foam dots to give dimension, especially on the stairway and the fireplace.

I had so much fun creating this card and now I will have so much fun giving this to someone!

This idea can be transferred to any occasion (if it's a birthday, have banners, balloons, streamers, and cake inside the house, if Valentine's, have a romantic table setting with wine, chocolates, bear, heart... the options are endless)

I hope that you enjoyed this card, and wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays!  Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe New Year!  Spend time with who you care and stay warm :)


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