Classic Christmas Advent Calendar SVG Kit

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SVG Kit Description:

Anticipate the joy of Christmas with a gorgeous handmade Advent Calendar!  What a special gift for people in your life!  Make it look different, depending on what paper you use - make it woodland-themed and cozy, or pink and retro, or classically red, green and gold.  You'll have such fun putting the finishing touches on it and shopping for tiny goodies to fill it up!  Use chocolate, hand candies, lip gloss and even small ornaments, erasers or toys.

We've made this calendar pretty easy to assemble.  Each interior box is clearly labeled so putting them inside is just a matter of gluing them in-place.  All folds are scored with perforations, so no scoring tool is necessary.  The decorations on the front of each door are easy to cut out and assemble and you'll have fun picking out what papers you'll use.  Embellishing the doors with embossing, glitter, inking and brads is also super fun.  What a fun early Christmas gift for someone special!


SCAL2 (version 2.012 or later) and a 12x12 or 12x24 sized mat.

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