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I am not really into the Gothic look, but when I saw these Gothic Flourishes - I soon realized why they are so appealing!  It probably had a lot to do with the fact that they were Mary's files (I love them all), but there's something mysterious and unique about them that drew me in. Pictured above is the wall hang (could be a door hang) that I created. It makes for a cute picture frame to put your favorite Hallowe'en photo!

SVG Collections Used

1. Gothic Flourishes SVG Collection
2. Haunted Hemlock Cards Kit
3. Hazel's Wicked Witch Crafts SVG Collection


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used.  Size to the dimensions shown below with “Keep Proportions” checked in the Shape Properties window (unless otherwise noted)

Top Frame

Gothic Fluorishes SVG Collection
bracket3.svg 8"wide and 7"high black chipboard (cut at pressure 3, depth 5, multicut 5)
bracket3.svg (blackout) 8"wide and 7"high black chipboard
candleabra.svg 0.9" wide black
fluorish1.svg 1.5" wide dark grey
fluorish2.svg 2.0" wide dark grey
fluorish3.svg 2.0" wide dark grey
flourish 4.svg 2.5" wide light grey
flourish6.svg 2.0" wide light grey
flourish7.svg 2.5" wide light grey
flourish8.svg 1.5" wide purple
flourish13.svg 2.25" wide moss green
flourish14.svg 2.75" wide purple
flourish 15.svg 3.0" wide silver
fluorish 16.svg 3.6" wide silver
jack_o_lantern.svg 1.0" wide orange
moon_flourish_top.svg 2.5" wide moss green
witch_hat.svg 4.5" wide black
Haunted Hemlock Cards Kit
flower.svg 1.5" wide orange (used the 4 biggest ones)
buckle.svg 0.5" wide moss green
hat_band.svg silver
Hazel's Wicked Witch Crafts SVG Collection
raven.svg 2.0" wide black
spellbook_top.svg 1.4" wide silver
spellbook_bottom.svg 1.4" wide purple

Bottom Frame

Gothic Fluorishes SVG Collection
bat4_top.svg 2.5" wide purple
bat4_bottom.svg 2.5" wide black
Hazel's Wicked Witch Crafts SVG Collection
frame_top.svg 7.0" wide (cut 2) silver, moss green
frame_bottom.svg 7.0" wide (cut 2 - one as blackout) orange, black
Free SVG File - Trick-or-Treat Caption
trick_or_treat-top.svg 4.55" wide silver
trick_or_treat-bottom.svg 4.55" wide orange


Gothic Flourishes SVG Collection
chain.svg 8" wide (cut 3) silver
bat3.svg 2.5" wide purple
Free SVG File -08.29.09 - Black Cat Silhouette
black_cat.svg 1.85" wide black

Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • I can't stress this enough - but the color you choose determines a big portion of how your project is going to look.  Choose your colors wisely.
  • Again, I used silver ink to distress the black paper, and black ink to distress the rest of the cuts.  It really works well for the gothic look.
  • You may want to choose a frame that is easier to work with - like a rectangle - makes it easier to cut your photo, but the curves in the frame that I used adds to the look.
  • Adhere the two chipboard pieces together using foam tape on three sides (leaving top open), to allow insertion of photo.
  • I accented with rhinestones, stickles, and silver dots.
  • Usage of pop-dots and foam tape can really add dimension to your project.
  • I like to place all the cuts on the page (make sure that there's a balance to the project) before I glue/tape them down.
  • My picture frame was made for 4" X 5.5" photo, but adjust the frame size accordingly to fit the picture you would want.

Mary has some wonderful frames in various collections.  How fun would that be to make a wall hang for different occasions of the year!

Happy Hallowe'en everyone!

- Thienly

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