Mary's Corner - Baby Ryan's Birthday Card and Gift Tag

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My little baby nephew Ryan turns one soon and I found the neatest handmade baby toys for him on Etsy!  A Crinkle Sensory Toy from IcingOnTheCupcake ( and a Ribbon Play Ball from MamaMade (  I love supporting independent crafters and I love that the toys are special, one-of-a-kind, and made with love.

Of course I had to make a special card and gift tag!  I'm really happy with how these came out!  They look so gentle yet playful.  I used the DCWV Nana's Nursery Baby Boy Paper Stack and coordinating cardstock.

SVG Collections used:

Baby Elements SVG Collection
Little Sweet Peas SVG Collection
Sweet Designer Card and Envelopes SVG Collection
Tags Galore SVG Collection


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Use the Keep Proportions option to keep the shapes’ proportions while sizing each to the width given below.

Ryan's Birthday Card

This card base comes from our Sweet Designer Collection and it's perfect for using one large element with three smaller repeating elements.  I played around and really liked it with the boat and birds.  As long as you use coordinating paper and cardstock, it's going to look great!  Using paper all from one pad or stack makes coordination so easy.  For some pizazz I added yellow brads to the dotted paper and I just love it!  Don't forget to rub a brown ink pad around the edges of each shape to add the final touch!  And of course 3D Zots underneath the birds and boat to add dimension.

Little Sweet Peas SVG Collection
bird_top.svg 1" wide Light Yellow (Cut three)
bird_bottom.svg 1" wide Darker Yellow (Cut three)
sailboat_top.svg 2.3" wide Light Blue
sailboat_bottom.svg 2.3" wide Darker Blue
Sweet Designer Cards and Envelopes (1 - Un Folder)
card_base.svg 10.5" wide Yellow Plaid
envelope.svg 10.5" wide Baby Words Pattern
rectangle.svg 10.5" wide Dots Pattern
square.svg 10.5" wide Green, Turquoise and Blue (Cut three)

Ryan's Gift Tag

I used an average-sized tag with his four-letter long name, but if the name you're using is longer, you can use a longer tag, such as tags 13 or 14 from our Tags Galore Collection. I used 3D Zots underneat each letter for more dimension and added a pretty coordinating ribbon that I just got from the dollar ribbon bin at Michaels.

Baby Elements SVG Collection
Letters Folder 0.9" wide each Coordinating colors
Tags Galore SVG Collection
12, 13 or 14.svg 2.25" wide Baby Words Pattern

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