Mary’s Corner – Cornstalk Pals Halloween Card

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Project Information

Wow, who wouldn't be impressed receiving this adorable Halloween card!  We plan on sending ours to Mom and she'll definitely be showing all her friends. It uses elements from many of our various Fall and Halloween SVG Collections as well as a few freebies.  Check out the table below to see exactly what we used!


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors that we used.  Clicking on the Collection name (in white) will take you to our store where you can check out the necessary files!

Note: The SVG dimensions given in the chart show width only.  After you import the SVG file, check "Keep Proportions" in the Shape Properties window and then enter the width given below.

SCAL Shapes Library *
Rectangle 10.8"w Dark Brown
Free SVG (Sure Cuts A Lot) 10.06.09 Cornstalk
cornstalk_bottom.svg 1.6"w Dark Yellow
cornstalk_top.svg 1.6"w Patterned
Free SVG (Sure Cuts A Lot) Gertie’s Witch Hat
witch_hat_top.svg 2"w Yellow
witch_hat_middle.svg 2"w Green
witch_hat_bottom.svg 2"w Black
Harvest Hill Farm SVG Collection
corn_stalks.svg 5.2"w Medium Brown
pumpkin.svg 2"w Dark Orange
pumpkin.svg (Blackout) 2"w Orange
pumpkin.svg (Blackout) .85"w Orange
Hazel's Wicked Witch Crafts SVG Collection
cat.svg (Flip) 1.9"w Black
Free SVG (SCAL) Poe the Jack-O-Lantern
4dkorange.svg 2"w Dark Orange
4orange.svg 2"w Orange
4yellow.svg 2"w Yellow
Salazar's Scary Squares SVG Collection
bat.svg 1.7"w Black
September Afternoons SVG Collection 2"w
wheelbarrow_top.svg 4.2"w Dark Brown
wheelbarrow_bottom.svg 4.2"w Darkest Brown
Spooky Silhouettes SVG Collection
spider.svg 1"w Black
Square Envelope
square envelope.svg 11"w** Patterned

*  The SCAL Shapes Library refers to the basic shapes you can see when pressing Control+3 in SCAL.

**  Size with envelope SVG shape situated symmetrically, THEN rotate to fit on mat.

Design Tips

  • Ink the edge of your card with a blank ink pad for a nice touch.
  • Use 3D dots or Zots behind the bottom pumpkin and glue the tiny pumpkin to it.  This is optional, but a nice touch as well.
  • Use a nice sticky sticky mat for the intricate pieces to ensure a clean cut.

Paper Suggestions

  • DCWV Indian Summer Fall Stack
  • DCWV Indian Summer Fall Cardstock Stack
  • AC Cardstock

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