Mary's Corner - Decoupaged Pumpkin

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Project Overview

Such a lovely home accent for autumn!  This will look so pretty nestled on our "pumpkin shelf" for fall with our other treasured gourds.

It would also make a very special Thanksgiving host or hostess gift.  We'll be bringing one of these along with our Green Bean Casserole to our Thanksgiving celebration.


We started with a 6.5" craft pumpkin from Michaels.  With one of their 40% off coupons it's about five dollars.  (Wow, can't beat that price - almost feeling a little guilty that it's so cheap.)  We also checked out the Funkins (faux pumpkins) at Hobby Lobby, but they didn't have a small white pumpkin like this one.

Here's what we used:

  • 6.5" white craft pumpkin from Michaels
  • Mod Podge (Glossy finish)
  • Two sheets of dark brown 12x12 paper (not cardstock)
  • branch.svg (from our Harvest Hill Farm SVG Collection) cut at 5"w x 3.6"h - cut nine
  • oak02.svg (from our Serene Leaves SVG Collection) cut at 3"w x 2"h and cut a second leaf flipped horizontally so you can glue them back to back
  • Fire Opal Glitter by Martha Stewart Crafts
  • 8" medium gauge copper craft wire
  • Brown ink pad or marker
  • Foam craft brush and short plastic cup (to pour Mod Podge into)
  • Waxed paper or other non-stick surface for setting down your finished, wet project


1. First, cut out your swirly branches and leaves and set aside.

2. Now, work on top of your non-stick and/or protected surface.  Pour some Mod Podge into your cup and brush it onto about half of the pumpkin.  Carefully place one swirly branch onto the pumpkin and repeatedly "tap" it with your finger to make it lay down smoothly on the surface of the pumpkin.  Then with your foam brush, dab the swirly branch all over to get a coating of Mod Podge all over the top of it.  (Take care not to wrinkle it and if you do, just finger-tap it into place.)  Then gently brush over it along the grooves of the pumpkin to sweep off excess Mod Podge, leaving a clean, finished look.  Repeat this with all of the swirly branches, eventually covering the whole pumpkin.  Just place them where they look nice - no need to worry too much about placement.

3. Now this next part is very important. When it comes to glitter, do not pour directly from the glitter container.

4. Remove the lid completely and take a tiny pinch of glitter with your fingers and very gingerly sprinkle it over your pumpkin.  About three pinches should do it - it's very easy to overdo it, so take it easy!  🙂

5. Now, take your two leaves and a four-inch piece of your wire.  Glue the leaves together (back to back) with the wire in the middle.  Let dry and then rub your brown ink pad or marker around the edges if they are white.  Poke the wire into your pumpkin near the stem and curve the leaf a bit.

6. Wrap the other piece of wire (4") around a pencil to make it curly and then poke it into the pumpkin near the stem as well.

7. Once the Mod Podge is all dry, your project is complete!  We hope you enjoy putting together this pretty pumpkin.  Have a wonderful autumn season and lots of love and good vibes from our house to yours!

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