Video Tutorial (Windows XP): File Organization and How to Burn a CD

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Is your SVG Collection starting to pile up and you're worried about what might happen if your computer crashes? Do you want to take some precautions to protect your data?

The hard drive is one of the most vulnerable components in our computers because it contains parts that are constantly moving. A hard drive is made up of a stack of platters or disks that are constantly spinning at very high speeds. In addition, the hard drive also has a needle-like arm (similar to that of a turntable, but more advanced) that reads and writes data to the drive thousands of times a day using electromagnetic technology. The hard drive WILL eventually stop working, so creating backups of your data is very important! We have created a 12+ minute tutorial that shows you how to organize your files and create backups to CD using Windows XP!

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This tutorial covers:

  • Desktop Overview
  • Working with Zip Files
  • File Organization
  • Backing up SVG files by burning them to a CD
  • and more...

Part 1

Part 2

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